Camp Tom Wooten felt closed at $942.

Posted on October 12th, 2013 in Camps by ramore

A recent eBay auction I was watching was for a Camp Tom Wooten patch out of Texas.

Its different than the normal design that shows the Texas capital building. Was curious what it would bring even though its undated (most, if not all of their felt camp patches are undated to the best of my current knowledge). Well, now we know. It certainly was not overlooked. It closed at $942.

This comes to mind after just coming back from the Columbus Ohio TOR (a really nice regional TOR by the way). A collector was asking for my advice as to what to price a 1923 Camp Wayne felt patch from Wayne County Council along with paperwork and documentation. Well the first thought that came to mind was $500 but also said $1,000 would not be out of line as well. I then mentioned to the collector about a felt camp patch selling in the Phil Parlett estate auction that went for over $3,000. Now there are a lot of felt camp patches that don’t/won’t bring more than $10 if that much but …. for the right specimen from the right part of the country and right camp… well, “Katie, bar the door!”




Cool Quartermaster Card

Posted on August 19th, 2013 in Rank by ramore

Eagle Scout memorabilia collectors, lead by Terry Grove, have both documented and driven up the interest in Eagle Scout certificates. As Terry pointed out at an ISCA Dallas National Trade-o-ree, the Eagle Scout certificates and national letter maybe the only item every Eagle Scout received. Well in today’s eBay surfing I saw a card, rarer than the Eagle, that I seldom see. Its the comparable card for Quartermaster.

Sea Scouts are the oldest program in Scouting starting in 1913 (now its 100th anniversary). The Quartermaster is their highest award and is much rarer than Eagle. My guess, and I don’t think I’ve seen them, there probably is a whole series of these cards like Eagle Scout. I find this kind of ephemera as interesting as patches and maybe more so as it documents the history. Very neat piece, IMHO.

Still learning after all of these years… Cub Scout sheath edition

Posted on August 14th, 2013 in Equipment,Hobby Trends by ramore

Between Destry and I we have over 50 years of collecting experience and have literally handled 100,000’s of Scout memorabilia items and looked through most of the major estates and collections in the country. Yet still we come across items we’ve not seen before (could be we did not pay attention as they might be in some of the side eddies of our hobby but we still find of them of interest). The item at hand that we just traded some back and forth e-mails about is this Cub Scout knife recently auctioned off on eBay for $72.

Now its not the knife that caught Destry’s attention, although it is in stunning condition He’s more the specialist on these than I am although I’ve handled everyone of the early Scout knives including the Sea Scout with marlin spike. What caught his attention was the belt sheath. He’d never seen it before. Clearly it is official. I’ve not seen it either. I think that these were for boys under the age of 11 who would be wearing this on their belt? Granted different times than today and maybe an adult leader would wear one of these but still, this is uncommon and a pretty trick item IMHO. Is it great value? Probably not really as the price realized indicates. But still plenty cool and would be interesting to know more of the story. Certainly fits into a nice display or collection of Scouting knives.

Birmingham Area WBS Confirmed

Posted on July 25th, 2013 in Hobby Trends,KRS and others,RWS,Shoulder Wear by ramore

I was talking with ISCA column editor Blake Keasey about a recent acquisition. How is it that 40 years or longer after the fact, these were phased out when CSPs came in, we are still discovering new red and white council strips or in this case a Sea Scout white and blue council strip? Up to this point this Birmingham Area C/Alabama strip has been unreported. That means neither Art Hyman nor Rob Kutz had it reported to them. Nor Bruce Raver. Nor Blake. Some of these have got to be real hens teeth. But its also why this collecting area is both fun and legitimate (that’s on my mind with all of the new, crude issues coming out for the 2013 Jamboree). They could be ordered as few as a “half order” or six.

For Your Information by Paul Myers in ASTA


Senior collector Paul Myers of Goshen, IN was at the recent Calumet Council Memorial Day Trade-o-ree. Paul is a former editor of the Trader magazine in the 1960s. In the 1990s he wrote a regular column for ASTA, the America Scout Traders Association, which merged with NSCA to form ISCA the national group today. At the TOR Paul was handing out a compilation of the articles he wrote for ASTA. It is now contained in a PDF below. It covers over 75 topics of Scouting collectibles. Not in depth necessarily but my guess is that even veteran collectors will learn something knew from going through these pages.

The topics include:

  • Amaquonsippi trail patches
  • US Grant Pilgrimage patches
  • Lincoln Pilgrimage patches
  • Contest medals
  • Henderson Award System
  • Belt Stencils
  • Colored Background Service Stars
  • BSA Anniversary Week
  • Ribbon Pin Bars
  • 100% Duty
  • Standard Church Troop Bars
  • Original Twelve Regions
  • OA Chapter Flaps
  • Early Registration Cards
  • Scout Emergency Units
  • Recruiter Strips
  • Scout Diaries
  • Boy Rangers of America
  • District Badges
  • Region 7 Hoe Down
  • Sweater, swim suit, hat and jacket badges
  • Veteran Emblems
  • Explorer Top Awards
  • Presidents Awards & Quality Unit
  • SeniorScout Titles
  • Civic Service
  • Overseas Travel Badges
  • Service Library
  • WW 1 War Service Medals
  • National Service Camps
  • Boy Scout Bands
  • Tenure in Scout Camp
  • Service Troops
  • Jamboree Staff Positions
  • Jamboree Participation Awards
  • Jamboree Contingent items
  • Jamboree Shoulder Identification
  • 1950 Jamboree Prototypes
  • Variations in Jamboree Patches and Neckerchiefs
  • Jamboree Region Items
  • Strengthen the Arm of Liberty Program
  • Take Me Home Folders
  • Scout Straight Knives
  • Scoutmaster’s Key
  • Cub Scouting
  • First Class Hat Pins
  • Patrol Identification
  • Folding Pocket Knives
  • OA Chapter Badges
  • Scout Rings
  • Pin Back Buttons
  • State Strips
  • Early Camp Honor Societies
  • Philadelphia District Badges
  • Region Standard Camp Badges
  • Philmont Contingent Patches
  • Merit Badges
  • Boycraft Co. Booklets
  • 10 Year Program Award
  • Sea Scout Ships

Boy Scout Memorabilia Information

The Strength of Boy Scout Collectibles

Posted on June 11th, 2013 in Camps,Hobby Trends by ramore

A recent back and forth set of e-mails with Texas friend Roger Schustereit was about an eBay offering of a “Scout Camp Patch”

The title of the listing is: Boy Scout Vintage Felt Patch Camp Kenan

picturing this patch:

My first reaction was that I don’t know this camp name and that the patch does not “feel” like a Scout camp patch. A simple Google search reveals that there is a still active YMCA Camp Kenan in Lockport, NY. Finding this, it VERY much feels like a YMCA patch (they are often red and white and often have a red triangle on them which this one does not).

In some ways it speaks to the strength of our collecting area and the presence/influence of the Boy Scouts of America. Lots of these peddlers place things in the Boy Scout eBay category hoping to strike a lick. What it means is they think this is the best place to put these unknowns hoping they become knowns.

Item Didn’t Get Missed Department – Philmont version

Posted on May 13th, 2013 in Hobby Trends,Philmont by ramore

From time to time in our eBay searches we see an item and wonder if collectors will pick up on it. One such item surfaced in the spring, a vintage Philmont Ranger back pack with the bear claw patch still on it. Really is one of the trick items in Philmont collecting. Very few are in collectors’ hands.

Well it did get found as it closed at $3,627. Probably not the highest price the item could bring but very respectable for something just tossed out there wondering if two someones would catch it. I’m sure its got a good home now.


Of Camp Patches and Demographics

Posted on May 7th, 2013 in Camps,Hobby Trends by ramore

Texas friend Roger S., knowing I like vintage camp patches, shared a link for a felt 1946 Camp Lowden patch from Blackhawk Area Council listed on eBay.

Its being offered at $9.99 by a knowledgeable seller. It might go for that. It might get into the $25 range. It won’t get into the $100 range. Why? Here’s what I told Roger:

this is an example where the council was much larger and active in the 1940s than in the 2010s. TX is the reverse- 1940s TX was a MUCH smaller place. So camp patches from there are much scarcer to begin with and more natural demand today. Other places like this are Washington, DC, California and the Pacific Northwest. Conversely NY is relatively flat from a camp patch perspective even though there is a lot of population there, Scouting was so active in the early years that the patches are available even if scarce.

Demographics come into play in many areas of Scouting collectibles. This is one of them. There are others.

For more on Demographics and collecting see 50’s is the new 30’s where I observe

We will be collectors for much longer than we might realize. We will have a much longer period to pursue our hobbies. We will have more extended retirement period than our parents or grandparents and thus more free time to pursue our hobbies.

Wonderful Broad Creek Camp Patch Reference site

Posted on February 24th, 2013 in Camps,Hobby Trends by ramore

Camp Broad Creek 1969 neckerchief slideOur hobby is naturally a social hobby. We enjoy getting together and sharing our collections, meeting with others that have our crazy obsession, learning about what we did not know, making new discoveries, making new finds. So its natural that we build a community using the social media tools out there.

These thoughts come to mind as collector Shaun Woolmer posted on the Facebook group page Scout Patch Collectors a picture of his Baltimore Area Council Broad Creek camp patch collection. I thanked him for sharing but also asked him about close-ups of some of the patches and a question about one of the segments. Collector Dave Scocca then posted a link to his web-site where he gives close-ups and pictures of the patches. This all happened in less than a day. In the era of mail trading, if this occurred it would have taken weeks and likely would not have occurred as we would not have had digital pictures or even good copiers.

It starts with the passion of a collector. That collector building and displaying his collection and now its easier than ever before to share that. That builds our knowledge. That builds our fellowship. That builds our hobby. All of which speak well to our hobby’s future.


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